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Craig & Ashley


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Just in case you are not sure how this works, here are the rules again :)

The Journey started back in May of 2010, a small apartment that we quickly transformed into our first home. This was a momentous time in our relationship as we were both on our own and shortly after moving in, Ashley received word that her parents were moving nearly 500 miles away to Minnesota. In the face of a huge emotional challenge, our bond grew strong and with it, my desire to always be there for Ashley and our families.

Fate or Irony?

Our First Trip

The Zoo!

You now know the length of our upcoming trip and what the daytime weather is like; it’s time for a surprise! As I mentioned in the rules, I know planning outfits is important but……wouldn’t it be fun to buy new ones?

On the go!

Coming to a close...year 1 that is :)

It's cold up there!

With less than a week of clues left but so many memories to write about, I wasn't sure on which ones to skip...Should it be our first Bike Trip to Botanical Gardens, our excursion to Traverse City or one of the many long weekend trips we took in 2011... and in true Craig fashion - I couldn't make a decision.

Exciting day today!  Although there wont be a story today there is something even more important.....the ring!!!! its ready for viewing and will be sent off to our destination after I take a look this afternoon. 

 Holidays & Family parties are an interesting part of life.  As a kid they were truly a party; access to an unlimited amount of pop and snacks, going to the cousins house who had all the cool video games, traveling to the grandparents house and catching "25 fish" in under an hour - a kid couldn't get enough. However, with the onset of maturity, family gatherings became an "uncool" monthly obligation (Side note: I have 27 cousins, that's a lot of birthdays and graduations!!).  After graduating College and entering the real world - things were moving so quickly and I still struggled to maintain that important connection to family.

As I mentioned in a previous post, your Birthday is one of the most important days weeks of the year. Your most recent birthday celebration in August started off very similarly to this trip....a surprise destination, surrounded in mystery... except I slipped up an spilled the beans on where we were going a few days before leaving. Many people, including yourself thought I was proposing on that trip- well in reality many people thought I would have proposed a long time ago, hence the URL for this site :)

Posting to this site over the last two weeks have been a lot of fun! It has been exciting to take time out of each day; look back at our past and all that we have accomplished, both personally and as a couple. We have set many goals and milestones for ourselves over these last 3 years and after this trip, I can't think of one that we have not accomplished. 

Over the last two weeks I have received a number of guesses as to where we are heading - Italy, Paris (Please re-read clue #8 below), Fiji, Canada, San Diego and a few others. To those of you who guessed the destination and didn't say anything - Thank You - I know there are a few of you!

The proposal happened!! Every step of the way was captured by the "Secret" photographer I had in on the plan. She did an amazing job recapping the entire day - view the full post here!!

Read me first...

On a cold Sunday evening over three years ago……I met the person who I would spend the rest of my life with.  Since that night, my love and ardor for Ashley have only amplified my desire to, as Beyonce once so eloquently stated: “Put a ring on it”. 

Ashley, friends & family – come join me on the journey, which looks back at the last three years of our lives together….a photo tour of sorts that starts back in time but will lead up to a memorable occasion in the very near future. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Every day around Noon, this site will display a new picture, thought or memory in one of the tiles currently marked with a “?”
  2. As tiles reveal themselves, they will also display a clue 
  3. These clues will eventually reveal the general “WHEN” and “WHERE” of the proposal (I would be shot if she couldn't plan her outfits ahead of time) 
  4. The “HOW” of the proposal is a secret and will stay that way :)